Tracking is a sport where the dog uses its natural ability to track a “lost person” by scent through the bush and over variable terrain.  It’s a great way of keeping fit and exercising your four legged friend, as well as having fun.

fay training 1Training is held each Saturday morning between  8 am and 11.00 am at Gnangara Pine Forest on Pessoa Road,  just off Gnangara Road. Please arrive at 7.45am ready to start at 8am and check in with the Training Coordinator before commencing training – no exceptions.

There will be no training classes on Saturday mornings when a Tracking trial is scheduled.

The tracking season runs between April and September.

To be eligible for training you must be a financial member of TrackWest and have completed the Beginner’s course.

For the first couple of weeks you will be able to train your dog using a fixed collar and 6ft lead, but thereafter, you will need a harness and 10m lead – both of these items are available for purchase from the Equipment Manager.

It is a condition of training that all Members meet just inside the gate on Pessoa Road where the Training Co-ordinator will split members into groups which contain various levels of experience. Beginners are kept with an experienced instructor for approximately 3-6 weeks before being integrated into a group. TrackWest takes the safety of members seriously and we need to know where you are training. A flag marked with your name and mobile number is to be left at base camp while you are training, so the coordinator knows who is still in the forest at all times.

At 11 am we all meet for morning tea, announcements, informally discuss training and have a general get together.
During the year “mini seminars” will be held on particular aspects of tracking – some of these are; step measuring,  map making, starts, working corners, lead handling, reading your dog, trial information.

Trials are conducted during the season and the following titles can be earned:

  • TD                   Tracking Dog
  • TDX                  Tracking Dog Excellent
  • T Ch                Tracking Champion
  • T Gr.Ch            Tracking Grand Champion
  • Have you achieved your TDX or Tracking Champion? Next is Track & Search Dog:
  • TSD                    Track & Search Dog
  • TSDX                 Track & Search  Dog Excellent
  • TS Ch                 Track & Search Dog Champion
  • TS Grand Ch     Track & Search Dog Grand Champion

For safety reasons, we must know where everyone is within the pine forest in case an emergency situation arises. Please see the Evacuation Procedure for more details.

What you need to bring:

  • Strong collar and lead
  • Water for yourself and your dog
  • Gloves (if you have a strong dog)
  • Treats/toy for your dog (reward)
  • A chair
  • Refreshment for morning tea
  • Small notepad and pen for making notes
  • A crate if your dog is not able to stay in your car alone, and
  • A good sense of humour!