All participants are to go directly to camp on trial days and report to Chief Steward or Training Coordinator by 0745 am.

Note: If entries warrant, some tracks may be judged on the following Wednesday. Judges would not be required to flag new tracks. Judges appointed depends on number of entries.

Please also check our Procedures.

It has been a tradition with TrackWest that competitors contribute a bottle of wine to the Club  when they gain a Title. This bottle is then put towards our Presentation Dinner in December. This is not compulsory but it is hoped that you will carry on the tradition. The bottle can be given to the Club President.

Questions can be directed to the Trial Secretary

2021 Tracking Trial Schedule

Saturday 15th MayWednesday 19th MaySchedule
Saturday 5th JuneWednesday 9th JuneSchedule
Saturday 26th JuneWednesday 30th JuneSchedule
Saturday 10th JulyWednesday 14th JulySchedule
Saturday 7th AugustWednesday 11th AugustSchedule
Saturday 28th AugustWednesday 1st SeptemberSchedule
Saturday 11th SeptemberWednesday 15th SeptemberSchedule

2021 Track and Search Trial Schedule

Saturday 22nd MaySunday 23rd MayWednesday 26th MaySchedule
Saturday 19th JuneSunday 20th JuneWednesday 23rd JuneSchedule
Saturday 24th JulySunday 25th JulyWednesday 28th JulySchedule
Saturday 14th AugustSunday 15th AugustWednesday 18th AugustSchedule
Saturday 25th SeptemberSunday 26th September Schedule
Saturday 16th October* Urban tracks onlySchedule